Cooperation and Education for global justice

Service Learning

Learning Service (SL) o ApS

In the framework of the university's social responsibility that posits it as an agent committed to improving its community environment, the Service Learning (SL) is an education proposal where students learn by engaging in a project targeted at solving a real community need and improving people’s living conditions or environmental quality. Through the SL, students sign up to an experience which simultaneously involves learning in line with their academic curriculum, personal skills development and real and potentially sustainable community service.

Through the SL we identify a social, environmental or cultural need and intervene to address it. We then take part in a reflection that connects the hands-on experience with theoretical knowledge, raising student awareness and positioning in a social setting.

FAS currently manages the UAB SL Office covering the following tasks:

  • Promotion of the SL at the UAB

- Outreach on SL initiatives

- Promotion of the methodology among the teaching staff

- Communication of SL actions undertaken

  • Promotion of the SL to organisations outside of the UAB - outreach on SL programmes

- Inclusion of new organisations in SL proposals

- Promotion of organisations with an interest in UAB staff and students

  • Tracking of ApS processes - Creation of contact routes between organisations and staff

- Logistics management of service actions (volunteering)

- ECTS credit management, where applicable

  • Participation in Xarxa ApS(U)Cat and other SL partner organisations in the university sphere

- Tapping research funding, outreach on existing calls, contact searching for shared projects, participation in research projects

 FAS also participates in the different SL committees at the UAB and supports the university’s SL Innovation project.

For more information on the Service Learning and how it is developed at UAB, please see the UAB LS website.