UAB Research Portal

What is it?

The purpose of this new tool is to expand to the fullest the research output being done in our University and to make visible the work of our researchers. The information is obtained from EGRETA.

The UAB Research Portal contains information on research profiles, research units, research output, projects, fingerprints, sustainable development goals, map and network relations. 

The Portal is initially in its English version but we hope to have the Catalan and Spanish versions very soon. The contents of the Portal will be progressively increased as the data of the same are checked and validated. 

For more information about the UAB Research Portal, you will find support materials at the Intranet.

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In order to appear in the UAB Research Portal, it is mandatory to be an active member of the Research Teaching or Research Support Staff with approved research accreditation. In case you belong to one of these groups and do not find yourself at the Research Portal, please contact the Technological Research Office at or call at 4216.


You can send an email to the following address or call extension 4216.

Find more information at the intranet.

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