TradumÓtica Master’s Degree: Translation Technologies

The long-standing Tradumàtica Master’s Degree trains translators to become language specialists with a focus on technologies. The program has a high employability rate, attained through internships and the Jornada Pont, a “Meet the Employers” day.


Master in Contemporary Arabic Studies (MEAC)

The Master in Contemporary Arabic Studies aims at providing students with a high-quality training in contemporary Arabic language, culture and societies, in response to the growing social and institutional demand for experts in these areas. (website)



Official Master in Audiovisual Translation

The Official MA in Audiovisual Translation is aimed at those who would like to specialise in the different modalities of audiovisual translation and accessibility, such as dubbing, subtitling, voice-over, multimedia translation and game localisation, audio description and subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing.


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Registrar's office notifications

Access through a change of studies

[10/12/2018] You can access undergraduate studies if you have partially-completed official studies at a Spanish university or with partially-completed university studies from foreign education systems. 

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Access by means of validation of studies

[10/12/2018] The legislation pertaining to undergraduate studies allows admission to the UAB of persons with university studies within foreign education systems. Therefore, the following persons can apply for admission through this path.

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