Imatge promocional de les Visites al Campus de la UAB de la mà de les UABers YouTubers

Faculty video tour: get to know us better!

Two YouTubers of our university have put together this video so that students from all around the world get to know our Faculty better. The video is in Catalan and subtitles in English will be available soon, nevertheless you will at least be able to get a glimpse at what our Faculty looks like.

Alumnes de la FTI i la professora Anna Gil-Bardají presentant la seva exposició

FTI students pay a tribute to the city of Beirut

Within the framework of the subjects of language and translation in Arabic of the fourth year of the Degree in Translation and Interpreting, the students have worked on the city of Beirut, cultural capital of the Arab world, through various translations.


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Registrar's office notifications

Access through a change of studies

[10/12/2018] You can access undergraduate studies if you have partially-completed official studies at a Spanish university or with partially-completed university studies from foreign education systems. 

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Access by means of validation of studies

[10/12/2018] The legislation pertaining to undergraduate studies allows admission to the UAB of persons with university studies within foreign education systems. Therefore, the following persons can apply for admission through this path.

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