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Liceu's historical archive can now be consulted online

The website was designed by the Humanities Library and is the result of the research, digitalisation and cataloguing of the opera house's important documents, carried out by the UAB with the aim of making it available to society and researchers.


Study analyses internet, mobile and video game effects on young users

The study, based on surveys taken in the 2010/2011 academic year, finds links between school failure and an elevated use of computers at home. It also correlates an intensive use if ICTS with the consumption of toxic substances]


Crisis halts work integration for the majority of migrants

This is the main point of a study entitled “Crisis, Ocupación e Immigración en Espanya. Un Análisis de las Trayectorias Laborales” by the UAB Centre for Sociological Studies on Everyday Life and Work which was presented recently at the CaixaForum in Barcelona.


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