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New tool to help carers of dependent persons

Researchers from the UAB, the UB and the UOC have developed Care Respite, a monitoring system that uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to visualise the dependent person, detect situations of risk and activate warnings through a mobile application.


Workshops on the media's role in creating a more egalitarian society

The Department of Journalism and Communication Studies and the MIM (Inter-Mediterranean Mediation) Master's degree have organised a series of workshops to explore the role of communication in the fight against inequality. These workshops are aimed at the whole UAB community and enrolment is open until 8 October, free of charge.


Mad about Nature and Mad about Physics

This year's edition of the programme Mad about Science, of the Catalonia-La Pedrera Foundation, which targets upper secondary pupils, can count on the involvement of ICTA-UAB, the Department of Physics, ICN2, the IFAE, the Institute of Space Sciences and the ALBA Synchrotron.


UAB opens the 2015–2016 academic year

The official opening of the academic year at the UAB took place on 29 September, in the Rectorat building. María Josefa Yzuel, emeritus professor in the Department of Physics, gave the opening lecture, on light-based science and technology.


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