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New tool to help carers of dependent persons

Researchers from the UAB, the UB and the UOC have developed Care Respite, a monitoring system that uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to visualise the dependent person, detect situations of risk and activate warnings through a mobile application.


Workshops on the media's role in creating a more egalitarian society

The Department of Journalism and Communication Studies and the MIM (Inter-Mediterranean Mediation) Master's degree have organised a series of workshops to explore the role of communication in the fight against inequality. These workshops are aimed at the whole UAB community and enrolment is open until 8 October, free of charge.


Mad about Nature and Mad about Physics

This year's edition of the programme Mad about Science, of the Catalonia-La Pedrera Foundation, which targets upper secondary pupils, can count on the involvement of ICTA-UAB, the Department of Physics, ICN2, the IFAE, the Institute of Space Sciences and the ALBA Synchrotron.


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