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Journalist Rosa M. Calaf to inaugurate the 2016/17 academic year

On 3 October at 12 noon, the official opening of the academic year will take place at the Rectorat building. Rosa María Calaf will offer a conference against ignorances and inequalities entitled "Sortim de l'ombra. Contra la ignorància i la desigualtat". The event will be available online.


New project to foster the reuse of wine bottles

New project to foster the reuse of wine bottles

The UAB Research Park coordinates reWine, a LIFE project to study the viability of a sustainable system of collecting, cleaning and reusing glass bottles from the wine industry in Catalonia, with the participation of the university's spin-off Inèdit, other institutions, wine companies, distributors and consumers.


New autonomous microsensor is capable of detecting respiratory problems

Researchers from the UAB, the IMB CNM - CSIC and the UPC have developed a thermoelectric sensor based on silicon nanotechnology with the power to regenerate itself and detect respiratory problems such as sleep apnoea and pneumonia. To commercialise the sensor, the tech-based company FutureSiSens was created.


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