New UAB sociological research verifies a change in the modern day father

A UAB research analyses fathers living in the urban areas of Spain to detect changes in their involvement in raising their children and verifies the existence of a gap between fathers with a higher educational level, who give great importance to child-rearing, and those with a lower educational level. The study was recently published in Spain's leading sociology journal. Read more

Image excerpted from the article by A. Tonomura et al., <em>Amer. J. Phys.</em> 57(2):117-120, 1989

Experimental method measures quantum coherence

Researchers at the UAB have come up with a method that allows measuring the strength of the coherence of superposition in any given quantum state, similar to the famous Schrödinger's cat, which was simultaneously dead and alive. The method is based on the measurement of experimental parameters related to the visibility of interference fringes pattern produced when the two states are superimposed. Read more

The UAB opens its TALENT call for researchers

The UAB opens its TALENT call for researchers

The university will award five grants for the contracting of PhD holding research staff The initiative wishes to encourage the capture and retention of research talent at the UAB. The deadline for submitting applications is 25 September. Read more