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Manuel Delfino

Women's identity in the Age of Bronze

Discussions on social equality and inequality have occupied a central position in the social sciences and the humanities, and archaeology is a good example of it. In this work, the author analyzes the topics of  equality and  identity of the women of the Argaric Culture,which...

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The importance of teaching our children how to eat

Nowadays, nobody discusses that what we learn when we are children will mark our adult life. Among the many things that we learn being children, we find eating habits, that is to say, how and what on do we feed. Among other things, what children learn when they develop can...

Foto antiga, nens menjant a l'aula
Microfotografía d'un pulmó afectat de tuberculosi.

COPD and anemia: an underdiagnosed association

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a highly prevalent disease in Spain.  It is the fourth cause of death in developed countries and overall fifth in the world according to World Health Organization estimates. A study with patients suffering from COPD...

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