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We can do it better, in archaeomagnetism

The relocation of geomagnetic data across distances of hundreds of kilometers and assuming a dipolar geomagnetic field is a common practice in archaeomagnetism. The errors due to this practice are rarely taken into account. This work analyses the time and space distribution of these...

Aurora boreal
(Imatge superior) Representaci esquemtica del procs d'adsorci/desorci de cobalt (II) en la supe
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

Restoration of noisy images

If there is noise, we can’t understand what we hear. In the same way, a noisy image can make it very difficult for us to recognise what we are seeing. Fortunately, techniques exist to restore noisy images so that they can be seen perfectly clearly. In this article a new restoration technique is...

Figura 1.
La retenci d'aigua als sls es pot explicar mitjanant models fractals
Ressonadors nanomecnics

Fluorescent boron-containing compounds for medicine

Carboranes (clusters composed of boron and carbon atoms) are of great interest in a wide range of applications. Medical scientists have shown a great interest in using them in the boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT). In this work, a family of...

Estutx i eines escolars. Foto Flickr.

Invading ants

An important component in the biology of invaders is their expansion rate and pattern, both in time and space. Data on the first invasive stages are extremely difficult to obtain, although an a posteriori analysis of the expansion process is sometimes feasible.

Obreres de Lasius neglectus bevent. S'alimenta bsicament d'excrecions de pugons.