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Miopatia de captura d'un sisó

Study on the visits of immigrants to hospital emergency service

Immigrants tend to use hospital emergency services of the hospitals with preference to other services of health. Researchers of the UAB and the Municipal Institute of Sanitary Assistance of Barcelona (IMAS) have analysed the visits of the emergency...

Hospital del Mar
Imatge del microscopi electrònic de nanoparticules

Antonio Lazcano Araujo

Antonio Lazcano gave a paper on Comparative Genomics and the first stages of cellular evolution: between optimism and desperation in the facilities of the UAB. We interviewed him and shared the views of Lazcano the scientist, the Mexican and the committed humanist on "culture in general and scientific education in...

Foto Antonio Lazcano Araujo

People's size variation is related to genetic factors. How can we know if the size of a person is in the normal variability margin or it's a genetic defect? A UAB researchers group has described the 25 polymorphisms that can present the gene of a hormone that regulates the growth. So we can already study which changes -different from the 25...

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