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"Computerized" nanomolecules

Most of the materials and functional systems developed by nanotechnology are based on molecules. An example of these are the [2]rotaxanes, which  present physical and chemical properties potentially useful for Informatics and Medicine. In this thesis, a powerful computational strategy is outlined and...

New on-line analyser of harmful composes in biogas

Researchers of the Group of Waste Gas Treatment at the Department of Chemical Engineering of the UAB have developed an analyser for the detection of sulfide ion in liquid and hydrogen sulfide in gas samples, especially designed to be used in the control of biofílters...

Computerized vision, E-commerce and Missing Data Matrix

In the case of a missing data matrix, factorization can be solved by the alternation technique. This strategy could be useful to calculate the Structure from Motion (SFM), a common problem in computerized vision. The autor of this thesis proposes other uses of the...

Border Disease virus infection settles down in Catalan Pyrenees

Border disease virus (BDV), which affects mainly sheep and goats, has substantial loss-related economic implications worldwide. An outbreak of a previously unreported disease, associated with a new Pestivirus belonging to the BDV virus cluster, was...

Malaltia de la Frontera al Pirineu catal

New molecules with ionic liquid crystal properties

Ionic liquid crystals are a class of liquid crystals composed of ions. These compounds are interesting due to their properties as liquid crystals and to their ion conductivity. In this work we have prepared two new families of molecules which show these characteristics.

Noves molcules amb propietats de cristalls lquids inics