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One of the globalization side effects is the arrival of new species from abroad. UAB researchers have studied the effect of two invasive species that reached the archipelago of Madeira. Against what was widely believed, and published, these intruders have not affected significantly the species of indigenous ants.


The current debate on the anterior cruciate ligament is focused in the kind of implant to use for the reconstruction of the ligament. Hospital del Mar's researchers have carried out two study cases with bio-absorbable implants and have defined and diagnosed an injury that has been produced by this kind of implants.


The undesired noise in digital communication distort the message that is transmitted, so scientists study how to improve the channel codes, a mathematical tool that allows to detect and to correct the mistakes ocurred in the transmission of information. UAB researchers have just defined new codes of channel that allow to obtain better parameters...


Silicon nanowires: better if longer

UAB researchers have studied one of the most promising unidimensional systems for future applications in the nanoelectronics field: the silicon nanowires. The scientists have studied silicon nanowires longer than those analyzed until now, and have concluded that are more realistic systems and...

Nanofils de silici

A complex microbe population takes part in vegetal matter degradation in ruminant to obtain energy. Chamois (Rupicapra pyrenaica) and cow are ruminant species but they have to use its gastrointestinal system of different way. UAB researchers have compared the fermentative capacity of rumen bacteria populations in both species. They have...


UAB's researchers have applied atomic force microscopy to study chromatin -DNA and histones- in its natural aqueous environment and have found that it is much more compact than previously thought. A fact that will have to be considered to understand the mechanism of DNA transcription during the cell cycle.


Crohn disease causes ulcers in the small and large intestine. Disease symptoms, medicine secondary effects and the potential complications contribute to a psychosocial and emotional worsening that can cause anxiety or depression. A case-control study carried out by the Digestology Unit of the Parc Taulí Sabadell Hospital has demonstrated that,...