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Women and Political Power: an incomplete investiture

This thesis studied the experiences and discourses of women who, breaking all expectations about their class and social status, have achieved to occupy some of the most important and representative offices of Colombian politics. It also wanted to show them as actors,...

mujeres y poder político

The Role of Spatial Location in Visual Working Memory

Studying the properties of visual working memory is important because this type of memory is involved in tasks in which we engage daily and it is associated with a variety of skills such as orientation, perception,...

localització i memòria treball visual
efectes alcohol desenvolupament embrionari
viscositat vidres

Biological Hydrogen and Energy Production from Sewage

Researchers from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the UAB have managed to produce electrical energy and hydrogen efficiently from the sewage treatment process. The proposed system, published in Water Research, uses bacteria which consume organic matter and...

hidrogen a partir aigües residuals

Production of Toxin-Free Bacterial Amyloid

Inclusion bodies or amyloids are nanostructured protein aggregates produced inside a cell, frequent in certain bacteria, and with interesting biomedical applications such as drug protein delivery. Until now, the use of inclusion bodies was limited by the presence of own toxins from the...