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Rosa Chacel

The fBm process with reflection in the study of fluid networks

Fractional Brownian motion process (fBm) plays a very important role in the construction of stochastic models (mathematical models for situations in which randomness is present and that evolve in time) that properly describe some kind of phenomenon, like...

Figura 1: Concentracions de TAFI en malalts amb diabetis tipus 2 i en controls sans
Melsa: extirpar o o no extirpar, aquesta s la qesti

Mate causes neonatal abstinence syndrome

Mate is a very common infusion in many South American countries. It's prepared by steeping dried leaves of yerba mate in hot water. UAB researchers have observed a neonatal baby, whose mother is a heavy consumer of mate, who presented increased jitteriness and irritability,...

El mate provoca sndrome d'abstinncia durant la lactncia

Technique for improving ultra-wideband (UWB) technology

In the field of wireless communication, ultra-wideband technology allows obtaining very high data-rates with diverse applications such as high accuracy radars and multimedia transmissions. However, the particular characteristics of ultra-wideband signals make their...

TV-LCD d'alta definici