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Virgin goat's milk

For many years dairy scientists have induced lactation by means of direct injection of estrogen and progesterone. A new advance allows to improve the effectiveness of this treatment in dairy goats thanks to reserpine, a prolactin releasing agent.

Braguers de una cabra avans y després del tractament amb hormones

Reconstructing past temperatures

The analysis of archeobacteria, the oldest organisms in our planet, can contribute to discovering the temperatures seas and lakes had thousands of years ago and reconstructing the Earth's climate history. ICTA researchers have improved the existing method for analyzing them, by reducing the time of...

Anàlisi d'arqueobacteris

Small phonetic differences

Fine-grained phonetic differences and frequency of use must be present in the lexical representation of words.  The author reviews experimental data and current models of phonology and lexical access to test this hypothesis.

Gràfic. Foto Flickr

On 19 October, the UAB Rectorate Building held the inauguration of UAB's science and technology park, PRAUB. The ceremony was attended by José Montilla, President of the Catalan Government, and main representatives of the participating organisations: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Higher Council for...

De esquerra a dreta: Lluís Ferrer, Carlos Martínez, Jordi Marquet i Josep Tarragó.