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Education is a fundamental pillar of society. Claudio Patricio Thieme Jara, worry about the couple: education and society, analyzed the education model of Chile. In his doctoral research he grade the leadership and the efficiency of the Chilean primary schools: This information would allow to establish political public education in agreement with...

La tesi doctoral qualifica el lideratge i leficincia de les escoles primries xilenes.

From the decade of the sixties the presence of women in the labor market has gone in constant increase. Nevertheless, this female participation has been limited to certain fields. In a study focused on Catalunya, the researcher of the UAB, Laura Lamolla analyzes the political applied to stimulate the businesswomen's initiatives.


A toolbox for chemical analysis

Electronic tongues are analytical systems which are used to recognise the chemical components in a liquid. For these systems to be able to decode information they need the aid of computers and applied artificial intelligence tools. In his doctoral thesis the researcher Jordi Gallardo Oña has...

Una llengua electrnica s una caixa d'eines que facilita les anlisis qumiques.

A spectroscopy translator available on Internet

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the UAB is coordinating a European project which enables the interpretation of Magnetic Resonance spectroscopes. Thanks to this initiative we have create a database, managed by the UAB and which is available on the...

La UAB gestiona una base de dades d'espectroscpies

UAB scientists have participated in a international cooperation project in order to study the phenomenon of the El Nio and its impact on surrounding vegetation. Investigators studied the relationship between the development of two species (pallida Prosopis and Prosopis chilensis) and the cycles of the El Nio (who has a very variable intensity)....

El fenomen El Nio podria servir per endegar programes de reforestaci

The splendor of century XVII also lighted on the queen of sciences: the mathematics. In this sense, a crucial point was the publication of Viète's work: In Artem Analyticen Isagoge, in 1591 . The algebraic procedures of Viète were the guide to solve geometric problems. Pietro Mengoli used these innovations to solve the quadratures of...

lgebra i Geometria a Pietro Mengoli (1625-1686)

Virtual realities to relieve pain

The sensation of pain caused by an operation may be relieved thanks to: sophisticated virtual reality headsets, a simple video game and a proactive predisposition of the patient. Research psychologists at the UAB claim that this type of distraction reduces the intake of sedatives.

Realitats virtuals contra el dolor

What exactly is the obsessive-compulsive disorder? The investigations in this area advance but the cure is still unknown. Scientists of the UAB are adapting an english language measuring device to detect obsessive symptoms for spanish speakers. A surveillance that will raise possible solutions.

Punt final al comportament obsessiu

Manel Esteller studies the genetic alterations of the diseases. He has participated in the development of medicines to treat the cancer and new technologies to research in this field.

Entrevista a l'oncleg Manel Esteller