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New molecules with ionic liquid crystal properties

Ionic liquid crystals are a class of liquid crystals composed of ions. These compounds are interesting due to their properties as liquid crystals and to their ion conductivity. In this work we have prepared two new families of molecules which show these characteristics.

Noves molcules amb propietats de cristalls lquids inics

Vitamin D deficit and fracture of hip

Researchers of the Institut Universitari Fundació Parc Taulí have studied in depth the relation between hip fracture and lack of vitamin D in people who suffer osteoporosis. The main conclusion is that the deficit of vitamin D in these patients is high, and especially frequent...

Electricitat i sol per desintoxicar l'aigua contaminada

Intermatrix synthesis of metal nanoparticles

Meta nanoparticles (MNPs) have interesting applications due to their special chemical and physical properties. This work describes the development of a polymer stabilized with MNPs (PSMNPs), using the membranes of ionic exchange as a nanoreactor.

Translation and Advertising: Translating Persuasion

The translation of advertising has increased in importante in the past years in the professional and academic fields. The discipline of translation studies that scrutinizes the translator process from several perspectives -linquistic, historical, cultural and...

Traduint la persuasi

Adverse Effects of Capturing and Handling Little Bustard

The little bustard is a globally near-threatened species. Their capture and radiotagging is necessary to implement conservation practices, but this may cause some adverse effects. In this research, the risk factors associated with capture and handling are...

Sis mascle Tetrax tetrax

Tayloring light intensity profiles

Researchers from the Optics Group have been able to obtain light intensity profiles on demand, a very precise control of light behaviour. Their research allows the increase and decrease of the depth of focus and obtaining multiple foci, with interesting technological aplications.

Nanoscience for the improvement of biosensors

The advancement of nanoscience and nanotechnology is making possible the creation of new materials based on carbon structures with unique properties and wich have many technological applications. Among these applications there is the improvement of biosensors, devices that perform...

Representaci esquemtica (no a escala) de les possibles interaccions de les molcules de NADH

Bulimia nervosa, psychological and treatment outcomes

The omnipresent idea of thinness in our society and the consequent pressure has led to very common body dissatisfactions and a permanent judgment-anxiety concerning one’s own body, especially in young females. These inaccurate beliefs encourage an extreme need to...