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New study of the coordination of pyrazole ligands to Pt(II)

Using several analytical and spectroscopic technologies, the structure of diverse complexes of Pt(II) with pyrazole ligands has been determined. The results of these structural analyses have been obtained from a series of NMR studies of

Figura 1. Lligands N-alquilaminopirazole, tant bidentats-NN' com tridentats-NN'N
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More efficient thermoelectric devices

A joint research carried out by the Group of Nanomaterials and Microsystems and the Group of Statistical Physics of the UAB Department of Physics, as well as by the Laboratory of Molecular Beam Epitaxy belonging to ICMAB-CSIC, has developed a material based on germanium nanostructures that...

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Teamwork with robots

This thesis contributes a novel case-based approach for action selection and coordination in joint multi-robot tasks in real environments, based on a case to reuse. The ideas presented are applicable to domains such as disaster rescue operations, exploration of unknown environments and underwater surveillance,...