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Until now, it was known that, despite their benefits for preventing cardiovascular diseases, antiplatelet drugs could be damaging to the digestive system. The Catalan Institute of Pharmacology Foundation (FICF) has recently shown its incidence in patients who have a risk of upper grastrointestinal bleeding (UGIB).


Chemical researchers work continuously in the combination of different molecules. It's very important to be able to adjust as well as it's possible the result of these associations to obtain the expected result. Scientists of the UAB Chemistry Department have studied how to obtain a large regioselectivity, it means, how to obtain mainly a...

Noves descobertes en la formació de molècules

Reasearchers of the UAB's Cellular Biology, Physiology and Immunology Departament, in collaboration with the Hospital of Mataró and the Fundació de Gastroenterology Dr. Vilardell, have identified for the first time the P2Y1 receptor, which is responsible of the purinergic relaxation in the human colon.

Aparell digestiu

Studies on the brain are gradually unravelling the mysteries of how it operates.


The research group for Research in Cell and Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Engineering, composed of researchers from Sant Pau Hospital, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Technical University of Catalonia, has found a new group of stem cells from the spinal cord that may lead to a new form of treatment for the regeneration...

Noves cèl·lules mare per regenerar cors malalts

A Biophysical approach to the economic development

Economic development is related to the evolution of human systems as well as to  interaction with the environment. Therefore, we need a biophysical analytical approach to complement the economic approach, to better understand its impact on the environment. This...

Conjunt d'imatges de tecnologies actuals

After being synthesized, the proteins fold themselves to acquire their function. Although this process, called oxidative folding, has been investigated extensively, some keys aspects have been neglected, like the thermodynamics or the computational prediction. UAB researchers disassembled this puzzle and its conclusions became a one single theory...

Claus moleculars del plegament oxidatiu