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Evolution could be predictable

Clines are trends in a morphological variation due to environmental influences. In Drosophila flies, one of the known clines is the size of their wings depending on latitude. The study of the American populations of Drosophila suboscura, carried out by a group of UAB geneticists, has led to a...

Evolució predictible a Drosophila

A new regenerable biocomponent for biosensing?

Biosensor performance and specificity strongly depends on the successful functionalisation of the sensing surface with appropriate capture biocomponents. A variety of bio-functionalisation strategies have been described to date, ranging from simple and fast random physisorption...

Captividin per a biosensors

Teachers training, to examination

This doctoral thesis, based on the reality of the Chilean situation and on the state of private education without government subsidies, aims to analyse ongoing training of faculty members focused on schools. The main objective is to examine the theoretical basis and the feasibility of training...

Tesis Professorat xilè