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Sensation seeking and alcohol drinking among college students


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Oppressed Man Theatre: Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal

This PhD thesis explores the social educative dimensions of the Oppressed Man Theatre, by Augusto Boal, and how it relates to the Oppressed Man Pedagogy, by Paulo Freire. The methodology of the Oppressed Man Theatre can be used in the educational process, as it...

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Psychodermatology: a study on Vulvodynia


Estudi sobre un enzim involucrat en el cncer de pulm
Microfotografia de teixit on el receptor P2Y1 es veu en marrr

Diseases of the skin: the Deep Morphea

The skin acts like a protective barrier that isolates the organism from its surroundings, protecting it and contributing to maintain its structure complete, at the same time acting as a communication system with the environment. The skin, as any organ, also suffers from its own complex...

Lesions en la pell causades per la morfea profunda