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New recoverable metathesis catalysts

The preparation of several organic-inorganic hybrid materials by sol-gel process derived from Hoveyda-type monomers is described. One of them presents a nitro group at the para position with respect to the alkoxy moiety. These materials were treated with Grubbs catalysts to generate the...

Nous materials preparats
Moviments de transport i correcte digesti i absorci de nutrients
Dra. Petia Radeva
Capacitat oxidativa dels calots
Potenciar la implicaci activa de l'estudiant
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El peer tutoring: classes ms dinmiques

Noroviruses hyperesistance

Acute gastroenteritis (AGE), often related to noroviruses, is one of the most common diseases suffered by the population. Noroviruses affect the stomach and intestines and are easily transmissible through human contact or in enclosed spaces, which would explain why they appear relatively frequently during...

Els norovirus no presentaren un patr estacional clar

Nanoscience: importance does not lie on nobility

The field of metallic nanoparticles (MNP), one of the nanoscience fields with most projection, advances daily. The exceptional characteristic physical and chemical properties of these particles make it possible to use them in electrochemical applications. However, this can...

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