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GENNESYS - First International Congress on Nanotechnology

From 26 to 28 May, hundreds of scientists and politicians around the world have participated at the First International GENNESYS Congress of Nanotechnology and Infrastructure Research. This is the first international event on the field, which will be key in...

Congrés Nanotecnologia Gennesys
Residus Sòlids Urbans
Addicció a la cocaïna
Programa d'educació ambiental a Mèxic
Limfomes no hodgkinians

Increased quality of biosensors using micrelectrode arrays

An innovative approach in the development of biosensors has been proposed int his research. It is usual to fix biological receptors on the surface and treat it with a polymer to prevent nonspecific response of the sensor, which often lead to problems in...

Arrays de microelèctrodes
Cannabinoides per al tractament al·lèrgic