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NEO: A Tailor-Made Video Game

Researchers from the Centre for Ambient Accessibility of Catalonia, the UAB Engineering School and the CIPO psychology team have created a video game to strengthen the cognitive and motor skills of people with intellectual disabilities and mental disorders.

NEO: Learning languages while you cook

Two researchers from the UAB worked on the European LanCook project, a new method to learn languages while cooking. With the help of digital technology, this new method promotes learning languages in real-life situations.

NEO: Research cruise in the Mediterranean

The MedSeA project, coordinated by the UAB, led a scientific research campaign of the oceanographic vessel Angeles Alvariño in the Mediterranean. This expedition sought to find evidence of the impacts human activity have over the ocean and organisms living there.

NEO: Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases

The Institute of Neurosciences of the UAB investigates several neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Since its creation, the institute has made important contributions to basic and clinical research,...

Open Science & Innovation Forum

The first Open Science & Innovation Forum, a space for relations and networking for industry and research, recorded a great level of participation, with over 250 attendees, which included researchers and representatives of large companies from various sectors such as the pharmaceuticals and food...

Presentation of PEC4 Printed Electronics Cluster

The first Spanish cluster of printed electronics, PEC4, gathers agents involved in this sector in Catalonia to create R & D projects.

Spin-off: Aeris

Aeris develops technologies and systems for the biological treatment of liquid and gaseous pollutants that neither consume chemical reagents nor produce secondary pollutants.

Spin-Off: AiTech

AITech was funded by doctors and lecturers from UAB and UPF specialised in computer vision. This spin-off develops new technologies to improve the perception of brands in the consumer goods market.

Spin-Off: CIMAB

The Center for Male Infertility & Analysis of Barcelona (CIMAB), directed by researcher Agustí Garcia, determines with great precision the fertility potential of patients based on different methods of sperm analysis.