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Impatience generates social inequalities

When a self-sufficient society opens to the market economy, new economic inequalities appear. A subjective factor influences decisively in the configuration of these inequalities: patience. According to this research, impatient people tend to underestimate the value of education, that...

La impaciència genera desigualtats socials
Miners de Bihar fotografiats per Sebastião Salgado
Una mostra amb nitrògen dins l'aparell de mesura
Imatge de l'Escherichia coli
Mycobacterium vaccae

Ligands that contain fluorine

Metallic complexes are molecuar structures where a metal is surrounded by other atoms or molecules with negative electric charge. These atoms or molecules that surround the metal are called ligands. UAB researchers are studying a kind of ligands that they have applications in agrochemistry and...

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