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Efecte de camp indut magnticament en transistors basats en nanotubs de carboni
Obra de Magritte

Peruvians in Chile: the challenge of intercultural education

Peruvians form nowadays the group of largest presence in Chile. This phenomenon has caused a rise in discrimination, xenophobia and racism among the Chilean population. Therein lays the importance of intercultural education in our society; it is as a...

Peruans a Xile: el repte de l'educaci intercultural

Plants and child health in the Bolivian Amazon

Researchers of several universities, among them UAB, have analyzed the relation between the ethnobotanical knowledge of Tsimane´ mothers -an ethnic group of the Bolivian Amazon- and the health of their children. Researchers have concluded that children with mothers with...

Nenes Tsimane'
Temple budista. Foto Flickr
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