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On 19 October, the UAB Rectorate Building held the inauguration of UAB's science and technology park, PRAUB. The ceremony was attended by José Montilla, President of the Catalan Government, and main representatives of the participating organisations: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Higher Council for...

De esquerra a dreta: Lluís Ferrer, Carlos Martínez, Jordi Marquet i Josep Tarragó.
Planta de cànnabis

New treatments for industrial wastewater

Several technologies have shown their potential for treating industrial effluents. Nearly all of them are based on the oxidation of organic pollutants, which are converted into carbon dioxide and water (complete mineralisation) or into harmless intermediate products, more suitable for...

Respiròmetre per mesurar la biodegradabilitat

We can do it better, in archaeomagnetism

The relocation of geomagnetic data across distances of hundreds of kilometers and assuming a dipolar geomagnetic field is a common practice in archaeomagnetism. The errors due to this practice are rarely taken into account. This work analyses the time and space distribution of these...

Aurora boreal
(Imatge superior) Representació esquemàtica del procés d'adsorció/desorció de cobalt (II) en la supe
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

Restoration of noisy images

If there is noise, we can’t understand what we hear. In the same way, a noisy image can make it very difficult for us to recognise what we are seeing. Fortunately, techniques exist to restore noisy images so that they can be seen perfectly clearly. In this article a new restoration technique is...

Figura 1.
La retenció d'aigua als sòls es pot explicar mitjançant models fractals