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Abortions in dairy cows

Neosporosis is a disease caused by the protozoan Neospora caninum. It was first described in dogs but affects cattle as well, becoming a disease of international concern, as it is a significant cause of abortion in cattle in many countries. Neospora infection has also been associated with increased culling and...

Neospora caninum
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Smaller nanoparticles for a more efficient catalyst

The Biginelli reaction is an organic cyclocondensation whose products are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as calcium channel blockers, antihypertensive agents, mitotic kinase inhibitors and antiviral agents among applications. The speed of this reaction is...

Reacció de Biginelli
Protonació dirigida pels lligands
Tractament biològic per evitar l'eutrofització
Compostatge sòlids orgànics