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El nivell de pH afecta la digesti dels remugants (illustraci de Montserrat Cerrato)
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Silicon nanocrystal-based light-sources

The microelectronics technology allows to design devices able to manipulate the light and to turn it in electrical signals. But it is limited because the use of silicon, a material unsuitable to make miniaturized light emitting devices. Researchers of the Microelectronics National Center...

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Improving wireless communications

Cell phones and other wireless communications systems became an important driver of consumer electronics. Therefore, issues like the increase of battery life and area reduction are now important milestones. A group of researchers of the Electronic Engineering department of the UAB are studying the...

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Economic development and local ecological knowledge: A deadlock?

There has been little quantitative research about the causes and rate of acquisition and loss of local ecological knowledge. Some researchers have linked the loss of local ecological knowledge to the expansion of the market economy, others have found...

Els Tsimane', un grup de caadors recolectors de l'Amaznia boliviana