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3Q: Cathy Yule

Cathy Yule, an Australian aquatic ecologist, is professor of the Faculty of Sciences at Monash University Malaysia. She specialises in the biology of peat swamp forests. These regions are unique and of global importance given their large biodiversity and role as carbon storers, but are now being seriously threatened.

Beyond "Beyond GDP" indicators

In 2007, various organisations launched the "Beyond GDP" campaign, which aimed to assess complex issues such as social welfare, sustainability and economic development using more indicators, and which resulted in an overwhelming production of sustainability indicators.The authors of this...

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NEO: PROLOG: Disability Assessment In The Workplace

Researchers of the Transmèdia Group have created PROLOG, a computer platform which conducts cognitive assessments of people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace. The objective is to make it form part of current protocols when measuring degrees of...

3Q: Mauricio Papini

Mauricio Papini, professor at the Texas Christian University and expert in comparative psychology, analyses the mechanisms involved in situations related to the unexpected omission of reward, the mechanisms behind the evolution of learning, as well as psycological pain. Is visit at UAB has been supported by a Fulbright...