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Development of a Harmless Artificial Virus for Gene Therapy

Researchers of the Nanobiology Unit from the UAB Institute of Biotechnology and Biomedicine, led by Antonio Villaverde, have produced an alternative to the use of viruses in gene therapy.The researchers synthesised nanoparticles which act as artificial...

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Air quality in Barcelona Schools

Epidemiological and toxicological studies consistently have associated exposure to air pollutants with diverse negative health outcomes (related to cardiovascular, respiratory and other problems). To determine if air pollution (especially road traffic-related pollution) has any detrimental effect on...

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Argumentation in a Science Class and its Teaching

The challenge of promoting argumentation in a science class requires teachers to engage in critical reflection processes. This participation allows them to make sense of their conceptions on argumentation and its teaching and facilitates the implementation of methodological...

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How the World's Largest Salamander Feed?

An international team has developed three-dimensional models of the bite of the world's largest living amphibian, the Chinese giant salamander. The study, led by Josep Fortuny, researcher at the ICP and published in the journal PLoS ONE, explains the feeding mechanisms of this...

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Adjustment of Fragility Fracture Risk Assessment Tool

In Western societies, fragility fractures are increasing in absolute numbers and are associated with the increase in life expectancy. The WHO published in 2008 a tool to properly identify the population’s increased risk of fragility fracture and prioritise...

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