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It can be a course, a class, a mention, among others. It depends on the internal organization of each degree. It is defined by the Faculty. You can consult the Census for Faculty as defined by the academic group of your degree.

To be delegated only one must be enrolled in the UAB and chosen by fellow academics

Being a representative of your academic group does not impose an additional burden, although you must bear in mind that you must attend meetings that convene you, and you must be the two-way communication link between the class group and the faculty. The minimum delegate work is computed within 25 hours of the course.


Delegated people are the representatives of academic groups, and as such they are often part of the Student Councils of the Faculty as born members, or are invited to contribute the views of the groups. We encourage you to participate, as they become effective mechanisms for generating synergies and networking among the faculty delegates.

To organize an activity, the center administrator and Deganat must be asked for authorization. In addition, for more support, you can contact the Community Dynamite Unit.

Yes. In addition to representing your academic group, as a student you have the right to present you in election processions to representation positions in the Faculty or University. From Student Councils, Faculty Boards or CEUAB, we encourage you to present your ideas and petitions of your colleagues beyond your immediate environment.

El Cens of Academic Group Delegates is the official record of delegated persons of the UAB and is managed by the Community Dynamite Unit.

Because it ensures the representation of all students in the group, it allows an efficient bidirectional channel with the various community actors, such as teachers or faculties, and is the guarantee that everyone has equal access to information affecting the whole group.

In April 2014, legislation on academic group delegates was passed. You can find her here.

Yes, as do the members of the Students' Councils or the College Boards. However, unlike these, its framework of action revolves around academic follow-ups.

The Teacher Commission (or Organ analog) is the body in charge of academic monitoring of the faculties. Its periodicity depends on each faculty and is summoned by the coordination of degrees or vice-deganate of faculty students. The delegates are present to provide the group's plural view of the teaching imparted to the centers.

In the newsletter published in the website you will find a summary of all the information offered during Delegates Day.


In the UAB Agenda you will find all the activities you can do on campus beyond classrooms. You can consult it on the UAB website.

No, as you cannot automatically renew if you change group. In this case, you will have to run again for an election, if there are vacant seats.

Teachers must send you this guide in early September. Additionally, you can find it on your grade page. In case of doubt, you can address the teacher or the degree coordinator.

The process of choosing delegated first-year graduates is as follows:

  1. During September, Community Dynamining staff and the teaching team will explain to the classroom the process, calendar and functions to be developed.
  2. She will pass through the classroom again and choose the delegate between the candidates. The result will be communicated in a formal Minutes.
  3. This act will be automatically entered into the list managed by Community Dynamition, which will enroll in the Census of the chosen persons.

The inscription on El Cens opens at the beginning of the course. If you have been delegated to previous courses, just fill in the renewal form that will be reached to the beginning of the course. If you have been elected delegated for the first time, you will be discharged at the time of the election. For any issue or doubt, you can send an email to elcens.participacio,

In case the representative loses the confidence of the group, the group will be able to revoke it and elect new representatives by a new choice. Email must be notified by to start the process. A delegate can also be revoked by the coordination of qualifications for justified reasons.

In case you can't continue, you have to communicate it to the Cens Post (, so you can unsubscribe and start a new process to choose a new delegate.

In this case, we recommend that you leave office, as delegated persons must be the link that simplifies your class group's relations with the rest of the university. Therefore, if you do not take the semester or the academic course in the UAB, we will certainly not be making this communication available, on the contrary, it will be more difficult for the academic group to be well represented.

The delegate mainly uses the Teacher Guide as an instrument for monitoring teaching activity. In addition, the range of resources and knowledge acquired during the formations offered by Community Dynamization allow a good job to be done, as well as these FAQs to resolve the various doubts that may arise.

From the second course, delegated persons have the right to renewal, by means of a form sent to institutional email. This renewal does not require any selection process

Teacher evaluation surveys are one of the mechanisms the student has for giving feedback to the teaching imparted and enabling the quality of university education to be improved. They are forms (one for each subject) that are published at the end of the assignment for students to respond online. As delegates, it is important that you promote their use among the classmates so that it is an effective improvement tool for next courses.