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elCens Elections of delegated

Eleccions delegats i delegades 2022

The academic group is the group of students you represent. In the case of the School of Engineering, telecommunications degrees, Systems Engineering and Electronic Engineering share academic groups. They have two to 1st course (group 31 and group 33), one per course in 2nd, and two to 3rd and 4th course (group 320 and group 330). Double qualifications also share groups. They have two to 1st course, 4th course and 5th course (group 51 and group 52); and one group per course at 2nd and 3rd. Computer Engineering has four groups in 1st course (group 41, group 43, group 45 and group 47), three groups in 2nd course (group 41, group 43 and group 45); and four groups in 3rd course, depending on the mentions being taken. There is a single academic group in the 4th grade. The remaining degrees have one academic group per course.

Once you have made the first choices and the renewals of the other courses, you can consult the list of delegated people from your center to the delegated elCens of your center to know who represents you.


Elections of delegated 2022 – 2023
1st course

Elections will be held in the classroom from 9 September.

From 2nd course

If you have been a delegated person in previous course you can renew by filling in this form. If you want to give up your post, send us an email to

If your academic group does not have a delegated academic group, we will contact the group in order to call elections.