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Poloitical Science and Sociology

elCens Elections of delegated

Eleccions delegats i delegades 2022

The academic group is the group of students you represent. In the case of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology, the degree of Political Science and Public Management has two groups per course, from 1st to 3rd course, corresponding to the morning and afternoon enrollment groups. There is only one academic group in the 4th grade. In the case of Sociology, there are two academic groups per course at 1st and 2nd, corresponding to the morning and afternoon groups. In 3rd and 4th course there is only one group per course. The double degrees of Political Science and Public Management + Law, Applied Statistics + Sociology, Political Science and Public Management + Sociology, and the qualification of International Relations have an academic group per course. 

Once you have made the first choices and the renewals of the other courses, you can consult the list of delegated people from your center to the delegated elCens of your center to know who represents you.


Elections of delegated 2023 – 2024
1st course

You can submit your candidature until September 28 through this form. The elections will take place in the classroom the following week, from 3 to 7 October.

You can present yourself as a delegate by filling in the nomination form.

From 2nd course

If you have been a delegated person in previous course you can renew by filling in this form. If you want to give up your post, send us an email to 

If your academic group does not have a delegated academic group, we will contact the group in order to call elections.