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Program of training capsules

From the Community Involvement Unit a program of training capsules aimed at the UAB’s associative fabric is drawn up. It is open to students from all UAB faculties who are linked to one of the groups registered in elDirectori and aim to improve and strengthen the skills of UAB entities as well as their members.

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Sessions of the second semester of the course 2020-2021

Session Date

Improve online participation

Trainers: Emma Torres and Amaia Belastegui of the Ignia Association


·      Think about how participation in groups has been transformed, with the difficulties currently facing them and how to deal with them.

·      Provide tools and resources to encourage the participation of members of the organization: dynamics adapted to the online format and applications to streamline meetings.


March 23, 2021 from 18h – 20h       

Fundraising tools and resources: diversify the entity's income

Trainer: Núria Ferrer Fillat, from the Resource Center for Youth Associations in Barcelona


·      Provide tools and support to groups in the search for funds beyond official grants from public bodies.

·      Search for alternatives for the financing of the entities that can be developed in the current context of lack of face-to-face activity.

·      Expand the perspective to diversify the income of the group and be able to develop their projects.


April 27, 2021 from 18h-20h

Internal communication and assertiveness: improve the internal dialogue of the entities

TrainerNúria Mateu Almacellas, de Fil a l'Agulla


·      Give tools and resources to people who participate in an entity to encourage assertive internal communication that also has an effect on the success of the actions carried out by the entities.

·      Foster internal cohesion.

·      Encourage teamwork and respect for the organization's internal diversity.


May 13, 2021

4pm - 6pm