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El món casteller


Initiation in castell world

Castells performances are a popular cultural practice deeply rooted in Catalan universities. The UAB castellers, the Ganàpies, have almost 30 years of experience.

How a castle works, basic safety rules and the casteller imaginary are some of the contents that you will be able to learn if you take part in this activity, but, above all, you will be part of one of the most deeply-rooted groups in our university community.

Below you will find the structure of this activity with academic recognition:

1. Two presential sessions with the following content:
a) Operation, academic recognition and structure of the activity.
b) Safety and basic knowledge about the functioning of the castells.
c) History of the casteller world and the universitarian collas.
2. Practice castells: Participation in the rehearsals of the colla castellera, both the generic ones, on Tuesday and Thursday, between 1pm and 3pm, and the extraordinary ones, where specific techniques are discussed or rehearsals are held for a particular journey and participation in at least two journeys representing the UAB, as well as in the journey on 14 December that will take place on the UAB campus.

Deadline for registration: until 23 October 2023. Registration form.
Initial face-to-face sessions: 24 and 31 October, from 3.30 p.m. in the Hotel d'Entitats. Deadline for castellers practice: until 21 December 2023.

Participation in this activity can be recognised with 2 ECTS credits. To obtain the certificate of academic recognition, the participant must have attended the two theory sessions, two parties outside the UAB, the UAB winter party and a minimum of 80% of the hours of castellers practice.

Free activity

This activity can only be done once. Activity organised cooperatively between the Community Envolvement unit and the Ganàpies colla castellera.