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Facilities and Resources for Student Clubs

Facilities for Student Participation

Equipaments per a la participació d'estudiants a la UAB

Facilities for Student Participation

1. Hotel d’Entitats (Hotel of Entities)

The Hotel d'Entitats is a shared space for collective use. It is a multipurpose place aimed at student societies registered in the elDirectori that carry out projects and activities at the UAB. It is located on the first floor of the Self-service Building (Edifici de l'Autoservei) at the Plaça Cívica. This space of the Participation Area has an area of about 250 m2 and it has useful furniture for meetings: tables, chairs and movable partitions to create more personal spaces when necessary. In addition, several connection points for electricity and wi-fi are available.
Student societies registered in the elDirectori can use up to 40 private lockers over one academic year (optionally renewable) to store the materials needed to carry out the activities. They are accessible from 9 am to 9 pm and can be used by all student societies.

2. Resource Centre for Student Societies

The Resource Centre for Student Societies is the support centre for student societies and student councils of the university. It is located in front of the General Newspaper Archives (Hemeroteca General) and in front of the entrance to the Study Room of the Self-service Building (Edifici de l'Autoservei) at the Plaça Cívica. The centre has spaces for meetings and is where Participation Area manages its logistical resources and promotes its activities.
It is also the head office of the Student Council of the UAB (CEUAB), which is the representative body of the students at the UAB.

The Resource Centre for Student Societies has the following facilities:
- 1 office for student support services and management of student societies and student councils.
- 3 meeting rooms, each with a capacity for15 people.
- A multimedia space with computers and connection points to the Internet, as well as a reception point at the entrance of the Centre.
- Billboard for Participation Area activities.
- Collection point for tables, chairs and marquees for the activities at the Plaça Cívica.
- Distribution and storage point for the postal mail of the student societies registered in the elDirectori.
- Distribution and storage point for posters and design to support the dissemination of the societies.

It is open from 10 am to 7 pm, from monday to friday. To book a room, just go to the Resource Centre for Student Societies, call 935813105, or send an email to
In the event that the Resource Centre for Student Societies is fully taken and there are no available rooms for a society or student council, the specialists in charge will manage the use of the rooms.