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Elections 2022

The selection process

The seats that remain free following the renewal process and a first electoral process are as follows:

  • 1 Place of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of any degree to be taught.
  • 1 Place of the Faculty of Law, 1 of the degree of Criminology.
  • 1 Place of the Faculty of Medicine of the degree of Physiotherapy.
  • 3 seats in the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of any degree taught.
  • 1 Place of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology of the degree of International Relations

The process of choosing the remaining spaces is done telematically following the following calendar:

Presentation of nominations: 18 to 24 October. You can participate by filling in this form.

The results will be published on this same website after the polls are finished.

You can consult the people who occupy the seats currently as equal delegated persons on this link.