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UAB Experts Guide for journalists

This guide contains a list of researchers from different areas of knowledge who put their expertise at the disposal of the media. If you need help in finding an expert for a specific subject or contacting with one of the members of our lecturing staff, please contact our Communication Unit by phone at (+34) 935868228 or by e-mail.

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David Martínez Fiol

David Martínez Fiol

First World War, Catalan and Spanish Volunteers in the First World War, Crisis of 1917 in Spain, Catalanism, corporatism, unionism 1900-1939, Spanish Second Republic, Spanish Civil War, Officials II Republic.


Keywords: First World War, Catalan and Spanish Volunteers in the First World War, Crisis of 1917 in Spain, Catalanism, corporatism, unionism 1900-1939, Spanish Second Republic, Spanish Civil War

Department of Modern and Early Modern History

Contemporary history


Contact details David Martínez Fiol

ORCID David Martínez Fiol


Carlos Martínez Lizama

Carlos Martínez Lizama

PhD in Business Administration, expert consultant in business strategy and organizational behavior and Business, and Executive Coach. He defines himself as an economic humanist, he believes fervently that an economic system and business management model is possible where human capital is the central axis of action. He likes to define his work, in all its facets, as an aid in the decision making of people in order to improve both personally and professionally on the road to excellence.


Keywords: strategy, strategic thinking, organizational behavior, decision making, human capital, business model, human resources, executive coaching, internationalization

Department of Business

Business Organization


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ORCID Carlos Martínez Lizama


Lurdes Martínez Mínguez

Lurdes Martínez Mínguez

Expert in the importance of the movement and the body in the learning of both children and teachers, mainly in Childhood Education, during their initial and permanent training; the theory-practice relationship and the university-school relationship, in the psychomotor training of the Teachers Childhood Education and Physical Education; and the formative and shared assessment of psychomotor professional competencies in the Teachers Training Childhood Education


Keywords: movement, body, psychomotor education, initial teacher training education, formative assessment, shared assessment, psychomotor professional skills, theory-practice and university-school relationship

Department of Teaching of Musical, Artistic and Corporal Expression

Didactics of Physical Expression


Contact details Lurdes Martínez Mínguez

ORCID Lurdes Martínez Mínguez


Vicente Martínez

Vicente Martínez Perea

Expert on gastrointestinal physiology and pharmacology in vivo: pathophysiology of functional and inflammatory gastrointestinal disorders. Development of animal models for the identification and characterization of new therapeutic targets for the treatment of functional and inflammatory gastronitestinal diseases.


Keywords: gastrointestinal pharmacology, microbiota, visceral pain, intestinal inflammation, intestinal barrier function, brain-gut axis

Department of Cellular Biology, Physiology and Immunology



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ORCID Vicente Martínez Perea


Carme Martínez Roca

Carme Martínez Roca

She is an expert in a social justice approach to employability competence development. She works in training, research, consultancy, advocacy and the development of career guidance programs for fulfilling, sustainable and socially fair education and work. She is member of the Research Group Diversity and Guidance (Diversidad y Orientación, DO) and the UNESCO Chair in Education and Sustainable Lifestyles of the Innland Norway University of Applied Sciences (Norway).


Keywords: competence, employability, social justice, career guidance, education, training

Department of Applied Pedagogy

Research and educational diagnosis methodologies


Contact details Carme Martínez Roca

ORCID Carme Martínez Roca


Pere Masqué, investigador del Departament de Física i de l'ICTA

Pere Masqué Barri

His research focuses on the study of a variety of key, global environmental processes in both the present day and geologic past, using a suite of stable and radioactive tracers as novel proxies. Examples include: the Ocean’s role in global climate change as a source or sink of atmospheric CO2; the reconstruction of the historical patterns of climate, pollution and other natural and anthropogenically-driven processes; the radiological impacts of radioactive materials in the environment; and the relevance of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) on nutrient and trace metal biogeochemistry of coastal and open ocean regimes. They operate worldwide in a broad range of systems in the Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific and Southern Oceans, the Mediterranean Sea and in Australian and Arabian coastal ecosystems.


Keywords: oceanography, Carbon cycle, blue carbon, climate change, pollution, environmental radioactivity, Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident

Department of Physics

Applied Physics


Contact details Pere Masqué Barri

ORCID Pere Masqué Barri


Anna Matamala

Anna Matamala

She is the main researcher of TransMedia Catalonia, a research group working on media accessibility and audiovisual translation. TransMedia Catalonia has researched access services such as subtitling or audio description, with special emphasis on user reception studies. Group members include translators, linguists, philologists, psychologists and sinologists that can bring expert knowledge in different areas.


Keywords: media accessibility, audiovisual translation

Department of Translation and Interpretation & East Asian Studies

Translation and interpretation


Contact details Anna Matamala

ORCID Anna Matamala


Vicenç Méndez López

Vicenç Méndez López

He is an expert on stochastic processes applied to movement ecology and population dynamics.


Keywords: biological invasions, population extinctions, mechanistic analysis of animal behavior

Department of Physics

Condensed matter physics


Contact details Vicenç Méndez López

ORCID Vicenç Méndez López


Jose Miguel Lizcano

José Miguel Lizcano

His research focusses on the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in cancer proliferation. He studies the intracellular signaling pathways ruled by new protein kinases. His group aims to tackle cancer, by performing basic, preclinical and clinical development of new antitumoral drugs. He has published more than 55 scientific articles, with more than 3,000 citations, and he actively collaborates with international research groups and scientific institutions.


Keywords: cancer, cellular signaling, protein kinases, autophagy, preclinical and clinical development, antitumoral drug

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Contact details José Miguel Lizcano

ORCID José Miguel Lizcano


Carme Miralles

Carme Miralles-Guasch

She is an expert in everyday mobility, active transport, cities and metropolitan regions, and gender.


Keywords: mobilitu, city, metropolitan areas, walking, transports, gender

Department of Geography

Human Geography


Contact details Carme Miralles-Guasch

ORCID Carme Miralles-Guasch


Juan Antonio Módenes

Juan Antonio Módenes Cabrerizo

He is an expert on the interrelation between demographic behavior and housing demand; international analysis of housing systems; socio-demographic analysis of access to and stability in housing and the impact of residential insecurity on family life.


Keywords: housing demography, urban demography, housing demand forecasting


Jenny Moix

Jenny Moix Queraltó

Psychologist expert in the human mind. Member of the Stress and Health Research Group. Study how thoughts affect the body, specifically its influence on pain. His research is also focused on how to reduce stress and increase happiness through Mindfulness techniques. At an informative level, he has treated various topics through his books and articles such as: forgiveness, gratitude, suffering, emotions, dreams, ...


Keywords: mind, positive psychology, mindfulness, stress, chronic pain, health psychology, fibromyalgia

Department of Basic, Developmental and Educational Psychology

Basic Psychology


Contact details Jenny Moix Queraltó

ORCID Jenny Moix Queraltó