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UAB Experts Guide for journalists

This guide contains a list of researchers from different areas of knowledge who put their expertise at the disposal of the media. If you need help in finding an expert for a specific subject or contacting with one of the members of our lecturing staff, please contact our Communication Unit by phone at (+34) 935868228 or by e-mail.

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Mar Griera

Mar Griera Llonch

Sociologist, and expert on religion. Director of the research center on sociology of religion (ISOR), and vice-dean of the Political Science and Sociology Faculty. Her main research interests are, on the one hand, the governance of religion in contemporary societies with special attention to interreligious relations. On the other hand, she is interested in the growth of holistic spiritualities and therapies and their role in public institutions such as prisons, hospitals or schools. She is the principal investigator of the project "Mapping Religion in Catalonia" (Catalan Government), and of the project "Urban Religion" (R+D, MINECO).


Keywords: religion, minorities, diversity, public space, spirituality, secularism, Islam, Buddhism, Protestantism, prisons, public institutions, interreligious relations, sociology, sociological theory

Department of Sociology



Contact details Mar Griera Llonch

ORCID Mar Griera Llonch


Marc Guinjoan

Marc Guinjoan Francisco

Professor of Mathematics Didactics, linked to the University and the private sector through the Explorium Foundation he co-directs. His main fields of work and research are scientific education in informal or leisure contexts, extracurricular training, teacher training, the preparation of educational editorial materials and the learning of mathematics for talented students.


Keywords: education, mathematics, science, stem, steam, leisure, training, teachers, foundation, technology, robotics, entrepreneurship

Department of Teaching of Mathematics and Experimental Sciences

Mathematics Didactics


Contact details Marc Guinjoan Francisco

ORCID Marc Guinjoan Francisco


Albert Guisasola

Albert Guisasola Canudas

He is part of the "GENOCOV" research group. GENOCOV research targets are biological treatment and recovery of liquid and gaseous effluents. Albert's current research objective is to convert wastewater (urban and industrial) into a source of resource and energy in the new framework of the circular economy. In particular, his expertise is the treatment and recovery of phosphorus and in the production of hydrogen from wastewater.


Keywords: wastewater, hydrogen, biological phosphorus removal, EBPR, struvite, bioelectrochemical systems, MFC, MEC, modelling

Department of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering

Chemical Engineering


Contact details Albert Guisasola Canudas

ORCID Albert Guisasola Canudas


David Gutiérrez

David Gutiérrez Colominas

Expert in equality and non-discrimination in the workplace, specialized in discrimination on the grounds of disability. Specifically, he developed his doctoral thesis on the employer's obligation to make reasonable adjustments in the workplace.


Keywords: labour and social security law, no discrimination, disability, reasonable accommodation

Department of Public Law and Legal History Studies

Labour and Social Security Law


Contact details David Gutiérrez Colominas

ORCID David Gutiérrez Colominas


Felicity Hand Cranhan

Felicity Hand Cranhan

Postcolonial literary studies especially the Indian Ocean area. She studies the literature and culture of South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, India and Mauritius from various angles including gender, class and ethnicity. She also works on Indian cinema, both commercial and art films.


Keywords: indian ocean, postcolonial, literature, culture, cinema, ethnicity, gender, identity, class

Department of English and German

English Philology


Contact details Felicity Hand Cranhan

ORCID Felicity Hand Cranhan


Bernat Hernández

Bernat Hernández

Researcher at CEAC (Center for the Study of Colonial America). Three main lines of work: economic history, the historiography of Hispanism and the cultural history of early modern America. The economic history, from its private, fiscal and financial side; in particular, exchange fairs and currency in everyday life. Hispanism, specifically in USA. The cultural history of viceregal Latin America: discourses and practices of evangelization, literary dimensions of material culture, social and economic keys of Ibero-American scholasticism.


Keywords: modern history, conquest and colonization, Bartolomé de las Casas, indigenism, scholasticism, hispanism, evangelization, fiscal & financial history, Ibero-America, currency, applied and public history

Department of Modern and Early Modern History

Modern history


Contact details Bernat Hernández

ORCID Bernat Hernández


Jordi Herrera

Jordi Herrera Joancomarti

Expert in cryptography and more specifically in its application to cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoins, and blockchain technology. His research objectives are focus on increase the the security and privacy properties of cryptocurrencies. He also works on the design of cryptographic protocols and applications that guarantee high levels of security and privacy even though there is no relationship of trust between participants.


Keywords: cryptography, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, bitcoins, security, privacy

Department of Information and Communications Engineering

Computation Science and Artificial Intelligence


Contact details Jordi Herrera Joancomarti

ORCID Jordi Herrera Joancomarti


Elisa Heymann

Elisa Heymann

Her research is focused on software security, secure programing techniques, and cybersecurity of critical infrastructure, especially ports and maritime freight shipping. She participates as a senior scientist in the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Heymann is involved in performing vulnerability assessments of large pieces of software (for example Google Chrome, Wireshark, HTCondor, and Port Terminal Operating Systems), and in building tools to make the vulnerability assessment process more automated.


Keywords: software security, cybersecurity, cybersecurity of critical infrastructure, cyber-attacks, port cybersecurity, cybersecurity of maritime shipping, secure programming, vulnerability assessment, tools

Department of Computer Architecture and Operating Systems

Computer Architecture and Technology


Contact details Elisa Heymann

ORCID Elisa Heymann


Amparo Hurtado

Amparo Hurtado Albir

She leads PACTE research group, founded in 1997. PACTE carried out an experimental research on how translation competence and its acquisition work. PACTE is currently researching into the establishment of competence levels in translation, in order to make progress in the creation of a European framework (similar to the one related to languages, the CEFR). The ultimate purpose of PACTE’s research is to improve the curricular design and the assessment in translator training. PACTE has been organizing didTRAD (an international forum for trainers and researchers in the field of translation and interpreting) every two years since 2012.


Keywords: translation, translation competences, didactics of translation, experimental research, competence levels in translation, assessment in translation

Department of Translation and Interpretation & East Asian Studies

Translation and interpretation


Contact details Amparo Hurtado Albir

ORCID Amparo Hurtado Albir


Josep Antoni Iglesias Fonseca

Josep Antoni Iglesias Fonseca

e is an expert in the history of writing, palaeography, manuscripts, documents, codices, diplomas, libraries, historical bookstores, bibliophilia, documentary and bibliographic heritage, incunabula, printing.


Keywords: writing, manuscritps, codices, documents, bookstores, documentary heritage, bibliograhic heritage, incunabula, printing

Department of Antiquity and Middle Age Studies

Historiographical Sciences and Techniques


Contact details Josep Antoni Iglesias Fonseca

ORCID Josep Antoni Iglesias Fonseca


Gabriel Izard

Gabriel Izard Granados

Professor on Distribution and Marketing Management. He knows very well the industrial sector of the consumer goods as well as the needs and defense of consumers. Works on issues of compliance in the application of standards on industrial issues and printing systems. He worked in Long Live training applications. He writes reguarly about economy at the magazine Cataluña Económica and Diari de Terrassa.


Keywords: economics, marketing, retail business, distribution channels, economy, commerce, commercial distribution, consumers, continuing education

Department of Business

Market research


Contact details Gabriel Izard Granados


Expert/a sense fotografia

María Jesús Izquierdo Benito

She is an expert in social inequality of women, marxist-psychoanalytic perspective of social relations and the social component of feelings.


Keywords: social inequality, sociological theory, emotions, feelings and society

Department of Sociology



Contact details María Jesús Izquierdo Benito