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UAB Experts Guide for journalists

This guide contains a list of researchers from different areas of knowledge who put their expertise at the disposal of the media. If you need help in finding an expert for a specific subject or contacting with one of the members of our lecturing staff, please contact our Communication Unit by phone at (+34) 935868228 or by e-mail.

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María Jesús Izquierdo Benito

She is an expert in social inequality of women, marxist-psychoanalytic perspective of social relations and the social component of feelings.


Keywords: social inequality, sociological theory, emotions, feelings and society

Department of Sociology



Contact details María Jesús Izquierdo Benito


Óscar Jané

Oscar Jané Checa

He works on topics related to the construction of collective identities, the first person writings, the archeology of the modern and contemporary eras, the construction of borders (theory of borders, state borders, regional borders, etc.). He is a specialist in the history of France, Spain and Catalonia. He also knows issues related to the Pyrenees.


Keywords: borders, identities, France, Catalonia, Spain, Europe, Pyrenees, personal writings, modern State, archeology of the conflict

Department of Modern and Early Modern History

Modern History


Contact details Oscar Jané Checa

ORCID Oscar Jané Checa


David Jiménez Jiménez

David Jiménez Jiménez

Expert in the field of nanoelectronic devices targeting digital, analog, and radio-frequency applications. Currently he is taking part of the european project Graphene Flagship focusing on the applications in electronics of bidimensional materials, such as graphene and related materials.


Keywords: nanoelectronic devices, field-effect transistor, compact modeling, bidimensional materials, van der Waals heterostructures, graphene

Department of Electronic Engineering

Electronics technology


Contact details David Jiménez Jiménez

ORCID David Jiménez Jiménez



Eduard José Cunilleras

PhD and Diplomate del European College of Equine Internal Medicine (ECEIM). Expert in equine internal medicine and comparative sports medicine. Member of the research group in Infectious and inflammatory diseases of companion animals. Research areas of interest: coagulation disorders, electrolyte disorders, inflammatory markers and cardiorespiratory disorders in equids and laboratory animals.



equine internal medicine, sports medicine, coagulation disorders, metabolism, inflammatory markers

Department of Animal Medicine and Surgery

Animal Medicine and Surgery


Contact details Eduard José Cunilleras

ORCID Eduard José Cunilleras


Marta Juanhuix

Marta Juanhuix Piqueras

She is an expert on catalan language, discourse, orality, elocution, communicative competence, sociolinguistics and pragmatics.


Keywords: catalan language, discourse, orality, elocution, communicative competence, sociolinguistics, pragmatics

Department of Catalan

Catalan philology


Contact details Marta Juanhuix Piqueras

ORCID Marta Juanhuix Piqueras


Adriana Kaplan

Adriana Kaplan Marcusán

Her research career began with the study of migrations in Sub-Saharan Africa and the anthropological analysis of processes such as acculturation and social integration in the field of sexual and reproductive health, seen from a circular and transnational gender perspective. Adriana conducts fieldwork in Gambia, Senegal and Guinea Bissau, and her work focuses on the study and prevention of female genital mutilation (FGM). She has created the Transnational Observatory for the Prevention of FGM, a programme which operates under the auspices of the Wassu-UAB Foundation, with two research bases in Spain and in Gambia, where an innovative and sustainable evidence-based and result-oriented methodology is being developed.


Keywords: Female Genital Mutilation, sexual and reproductive health, Sub-Saharan migrations, Western Africa

Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Social Anthropology


Contact details Adriana Kaplan Marcusán

ORCID Adriana Kaplan Marcusán


Cristina Laborda

Cristina Laborda Molla

Permanent Lecturer on Diversity (School of Education). Expert on educational professional and social inclusion of people with intellectual disability. Member of Research grup DO (Diversity and Orientation). More than 20 years doing research on hearing impariment (oral bilingualism).Currently participating in 3 projects: a process of inclusion of children and youngsters with disability in non formal centers (open centers) in Barcelona, a pilot experience in inclusive leisure for people with intellectual disability, and a research on working skills development of people with intellectual disability in specific working centers.


Keywords: inclusion, disability, intellectual disability, working developement, inclusive leisure, non formal education, open centers, special working centers, ocupational centers

Department of Applied Pedagogy

Didactics and educational organization


Contact details Cristina Laborda Molla

ORCID Cristina Laborda Molla


Javier Lafuente

Francisco Javier Lafuente Sancho

Process engineer, he is an expert in environmental biotechnology, biological treatment systems for liquid and gaseous effluents. Also in nutrients removal in urban & industrial wastewater; biological treatment processes to treat off gases contaminated by volatile organic compounds; biological treatment systems for remove hydrogen sulfide in Biogas and biological systems for the treatment of odors.


Keywords: environment, industrial effluent treatment, urban wastewater treatment plants, biological treatment of contaminaited air, odor, volatile organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide

Department of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering

Chemical engineering


Contact details Francisco Javier Lafuente Sancho

ORCID Francisco Javier Lafuente Sancho


Joan Ramon Laporte

Joan Ramon Laporte

Expert on clinical pharmacology and pharmacoepidemiology: evaluation of benefits and harms of medicines; evaluation of novel drugs.


Keywords: clinical pharmacology, therapeutics, medicines evaluation, pharmacoepidemiology

Department of Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology



Contact details Joan Ramon Laporte

ORCID Joan Ramon Laporte


Margarita Leon

Margarita Leon Borja

She is an expert in comparative politics, welfare state, and in research on social and gender policies.


Keywords: comparative politics, welfare state research, social policies, gender policies

Department of Political Science and Public Law

Political Science and Administration


Contact details Margarita Leon Borja

ORCID Margarita Leon Borja


Marc Llirós

Marc Llirós Dupré

PhD degree in Microbiology by the University of Girona, he is a researcher with broad experience in the study of microbial communities in stratified environments, either aquatic, terrestrial or human related ones. In such places, Marc focuses on the microbial diversity, richness and function. Moreover, Marc has shown his interest in the study of the genome of eukaryotic animals with weird genomic structures, like the case of bdelloid rotifers. As researcher and scientist, Marc is curious by nature as reflected by his wide and diverse scientific profile


Keywords: microbial ecology, diversity, function, taxonomy, environmental microbiology, genomics, microbiology

Department of Genetics and Microbiology



Contact details Marc Llirós Dupré

ORCID Marc Llirós Dupré


Antoni Llobet

Antoni Llobet Dalmases

His research interests include the development of tailored transition metal complexes as catalysts for selective organic and inorganic transformations including the oxidation of water to molecular dioxygen, supramolecular catalysis, the activation of C-H and C-F bonds, and the preparation low molecular weight complexes as structural and/or functional models of the active sites of oxidative metalloproteins.


Keywords: coordination compounds, redox catalysis, energy

Department of Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry


Contact details Antoni Llobet Dalmases

ORCID Antoni Llobet Dalmases