Specific Programmes for International Students

Spring Programme 2024

Study Abroad UAB Students

Spring 2024 Pre-Established Programme

  • 15 weeks in the bright city of Barcelona, in a World Heritage Campus, with a selection of subjects from diverse study areas. A unique opportunity for international students.
  • Choose from 1 to 6 elective courses (6-36 ECTS) taught in English or Spanish. Minimum of 24 ECTS if a visa is required.
  • Take a Spanish Language course (beginner to advanced level, and specialist courses) or Introduction to Catalan.
  • Credits completely transferable to the student’s home university.
  • Enrolment open from September 18th 2023.
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Spring 2024

  • First day: 11th January
  • Last day: 24th April

Enrolment period: from September 18th to December 3rd 2023. 


Digital Photography

Modernisme: Art Nouveau Architecture Sketched and Explained

Spanish Art and Cultural Heritage

Spanish Contemporary Art

The Great Art Collections in Spain

The Seven Wonders of Spain

Urban Interventions, Graffiti & Public Sculpture

Electives in Spanish:

Arte Español (Level B1.2 required)



Business in Action: Local Companies in a Global World

Career Management

Cross-Cultural Management

Doing Business in Emerging Markets

E-Commerce and Online Businesses

Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

International Business

International Finance

International Marketing Strategies

Managerial Skills for International Business

Managing Services

People Management

Strategic Management of the Firm

Electives in Spanish:

Estrategias de Marketing Internacional (Level B1.2 required)

Gestión Intercultural (Level B1.2 required)

Negocios Internacionales (Level B1.2 required)



Behaviour and Incentives in Economics: The Case of Soccer

Geopolitics and International Relations

Inequality, Poverty and Globalisation

International Economics

Politics of the Developing World

Politics, War and Economics in the Age of Globalization

Strategic Behaviour in Business and Economics

The Creative Economy

Understanding the European Economy



A Greater Middle East

An Urban Approach to Spain and Europe Cities and Globalization

Barcelona City Planning and Architecture

Cultures Without State: the Case of Catalonia

Ideas that Made Europe

Mediterranean Culture and History

Mediterranean Politics

Spanish Civilization and Culture

Spanish History and Politics: 1936 to the present

The Image of  Barcelona in Literature

Electives in Spanish:

Civilización y Cultura Españolas (Level B1.2 required)



Communication and Gender

Intercultural Communication



Lengua Española - 90 hours

Lengua Española - 45 hours

Español Académico (Level B1.2 required)

Español para los negocios (Level B1.2 required)

Introduction to Catalan Language