Specific Programmes for International Students

During the semester

Consult with the professor about attendance policy since it may vary according to the subject.

Students with private medical insurance:

We recommend to ask your insurance company before arrival which doctors and hospitals are included in your policy.

Students with a European Health Card:

In order to receive medical assistance, you must present your European Health Card at the primary healthcare centre (CAP). Consult your corresponding primary healthcare centre.

Urgent medical assistance:

1. On the main UAB Campus in Bellaterra:

- You can go directly to the UAB Healthcare Centre.

Opening hours: de 9 a 20h.
Tel.: 93 581 18 00 / 93 581 13 11
E-mail: servei.salut@uab.cat
Location: Avda Can Domènech - Edifici F - Campus de la UAB
How to get there

2. At the UAB Barcelona Campus:

- You can go directly to an emergency hospital. The closest is (at 5 mins. walking distance):

Hospital de Sant Pau
Carrer de Sant Quintí, 89, 08041 Barcelona
Telephone: +34 932 91 90 00
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3. You can also use the local emergency telephone number: 112

Health Insurance and International Emergency Protocol:

International students residing in Spain for their studies are required to be enrolled in a health insurance programme covering COVID-19 treatment.

For more information please see our International Emergency Protocol.

Check this page for more safety tips.