Specific Programmes for International Students

Business & Management Programme (B&M)


Enrolment period

  • Fall Term 2024 (September to December): from 11th March to 28th June 2024.

Admission requirements

  • Students must be enrolled at a University or Higher Education institution on a Masters or Post-Graduate programme (EQF7).
  • Students must hold a health insurance plan (offered either by their home university or by external providers) with coverage in Europe.
  • Students must have a B2 level certificate in English if they are not native speakers.

Other important information

  • The minimum number of credits is 12 ECTS and the maximum is 36 ECTS.
  • For full-time students who need a study visa there is a minimum requirement of 24 ECTS.

Application documents required

  • A scanned copy in PDF format of an official transcript of your Masters or Post-Graduate course (photos not accepted).
  • A scanned copy of your valid passport in PDF format.
  • A digital photo in JPEG format with a maximum weight of 24KB (passport size and type).
  • A scanned copy of your health insurance policy.
  • If you are a non-native English speaker, a certificate of English Proficiency (minimum TOEFL 78, IELTS 6, Cambridge Advanced or First Certificate).

Application process

Applicants must submit the online application by filling in all the required information and course selection.


During application, students will be required to upload an official transcript of their Masters or Post-Graduate course, a scanned copy of their passport, a passport size photograph and an English language certificate (for non-native speakers only).

Enrolment process

  • To formalize enrolment, students pay a deposit of 500€.
  • Once this payment is received, the enrolment process can be completed.
  • Full payment will be due at the end of the enrolment period by the deadline established.
  • Enrolment will be confirmed on receipt of the full tuition fees. If payment is not  received by the deadline, the enrolment will be cancelled.

Please note that spaces are limited and we may not be able to guarantee your course selection.

Payment policies

  • Payment is in Euros.
  • The deposit fee is deducted from the final tuition fee.
  • Method of payment: online bank payment or bank transfer.
  • Commissions on bank transfers are paid by the student. The rates vary according to country/ bank. Please check with your bank and make sure that payment covers the full tuition fees.
  • Any commissions not paid by the student will be charged later.


  • Fall 2023: Withdrawals reported before 20th July will be fully refunded, not including deposit.
  • Fall 2024: Withdrawals reported before 12th July will be fully refunded, not including deposit.

Certificate and Transcripts

After completing the programme, students will receive an official digital certificate with the courses and final grades. This certificate is included in the tuition fees. If your university request a hard copy, they can send an email to study.abroad@uab.cat requesting the copy. The cost to send the this transcript via express courier is 48,40€ for UE, US and Canada and 65€ for the rest of the world.

Academic accommodations

It is important that you provide us your academic accommodations before the start of the programme, so we are able to ensure you have the resources needed. Please note that we cannot guarantee you will have access to the accommodations requested if you don’t submit these prior the begging of the programme. You can send your accommodations to study.abroad@uab.cat once you have completed your enrolment.