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Theatre and climate emergency. Theatrical performance and staging workshop

This workshop is an opportunity to create from practice, with elements of innovation and the contemporary performance scene. 

In this workshop, we will talk about the need to reflect and adapt theatre and the creation of the zero ecological footprint in order to rethink from simplicity and awareness the whole process of creating a stage piece, such as content, form or the technical and artistic resources that are used. 

The analysis of how and why a work is considered innovative in terms of structure, language, theme and form will also be encouraged. We will examine the demands of the performer and the audience, the use of space or time and the social, historical and cultural context in which the innovation takes place. 

Moreover, students will be able to explore the general nature and the impact of experimentation on dramatic forms and how these affect the process of stage performance.  The course will emphasize the importance and the need of developing an expressive body and a rich imaginary to expand their performance potential.  

By the end of the course, students will have acquired a range of methods, ideas and techniques that can be use during the process of creation and staging.  Students will show their creation in front of an audience (in open classroom format or public performance, depending on the needs and the evolution of the workshop). 


Information course 2022/23
Direction: Miriam Escurriola
Dates: from 2nd March to 4th May of 2023
Schedule: Thrusday from 15.30 to 18.30
Price: UAB community, € 120; others, € 170.

Activity not recognized with 1 ECTS credit.

Online registration from February 7th 2022