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Maleïdes les guerres (i aquell qui les va fer)

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Carles Beltran, Lali Barenys & Namina
Organized by: Cultura en Viu & l’Escola de Cultura de Pau (UAB)
The musician Carles Beltran, the actress Lali Barenys and the singer Namina present Maleïdes les Guerres (i aquell qui les va fer). As artists committed to society, they attempt to respond to the convulsive world in which we live, by means of creation and Culture. "We have massive ‘construction’ weapons against so much destruction" the authors argue.

In this way, they claim the arsenal that belongs to them: words, music, poetry, creativity and culture in general. They denounce wars in all their forms, they do it with their voice, their music and their words, as well as they claim that fighting is what makes us feel alive and freer.

Maleïdes les Guerres includes the words and testimony of its authors, at the same time it brings together the work of writers such as Boris Vian or W. H. Auden, the poetry of Rimbaud or the music of Ovidi Montllor, Bob Dylan or Silvio Rodríguez, among others.

Carles Beltran creates music, combining guitar and piano, captivating us with his particular style; Namina puts her voice, singular and evocative; and Lali Barenys, her meaningful words.
Idea and script: Lali Barenys and Carles Beltran
Words: Lali Barenys
Singing: Namina
Music: Carles Beltran
Tuesday December 4th, 2018 at 1pm
Sala Teatre UAB