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Aula Brecht

Imatge Aula Brecht

"El Globus" Company
Òscar Intente brings us closer to the work of Bertolt Brecht, in a proposal of twelve brief writings. A fusion between literature, theatre and teaching that brings the essence of Brecht's didactic theatre.

The work takes place in a classroom where three sentences can be read on a blackboard: "I live in a very dark time", "that's how time went by" and "to those born after". The actor writes and draws the Brechtian word for a public/student body and he will transmit them the antidogmatic sense of the playwright. In this way, there is an integration between what is theatrical in a teaching situation and the contents that reach us through the scenic language.

Bertolt Brecht was one of the most influential German dramatists and poets of the 20th Century. The author was already talking about capitalism and the absurdity of our system at the beginning of the 20th Century. "Fifteen years ago, it would not have made sense to recover it, because everything was going well and people’s life was a party. But now the texts have a lot of impact" says Intente. The twelve selected texts speak of terror to the State, Antimilitarism and Truth "precisely now that it does not exist, because we live in a time of post-truth and fake news," stresses the actor.

Directed by Carles Grau, the work is a critique of society and politics of an undeniable validity, despite the years that have passed since the texts were written. Also, Òscar Intente endows the work of a very personal nature, with poetic moments and touches of humor.

Text: Bertolt Brecht
Acting: Òscar Intente
Translation: Feliu Formosa
Direction: Carles Grau
Tuesday February 19th at 5.30 pm
Sala Teatre UAB