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Finalist in the Capellades "Paper de Música" 2018
Artem Trio, based in the Netherlands, was originated in 2015 in Holland. Since their first performances, they have been distinguished by their enthusiastic, energetic and expressive interpretation.

The term "Artem" (from Latin Ars, which means art) expresses its fascination with all the different artistic disciplines. Their projects usually combine music with other artistic forms, from poetry to painting. The objective of the trio is to share with the public their sources of inspiration (or those of the composer), which they have used during the preparation of a work.
In April 2018 they were finalist in the Capellades "Paper de Música" Contest, receiving a very good review from the Master Antoni Ros Marbà.

Artem Trio has performed in different audiences in the Netherlands, France and Spain as well as in renowned festivals such as the ChambeR Music Fest Rotterdam, the Kamermuziekfestival den Haag, the Zoom Kamermuziekfestival and the Sona Mollet. In July 2018 they were invited to participate, with a scholarship, at the Musique festival in Flaine (France). The trio is currently a member of the Stichting Muziek in Huis Foundation and the Kunst in Kamer association.

Their broad musical interest translates into a repertoire ranging from the classical period to contemporary pieces. The key pieces for them are part of their repertoire; However, Artem Trio has a special interest in the unknown and little-programmed repertoire.

Trio piano op. 39, Salvador Brotons
Trio piano N. 44 in my Major, Hob. XV / 28, Joseph Haydn
Piano trio N.2, op. 67, Joaquín Turina

Natalia Szmydt, violin
Violet González Tomàs, cello
María López Belarte, piano
Wednesday March 27th, at 4 and at 5:30 pm
UAB Theatre