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Chumy Chúmez. ¿El censor de la guarda? HERMANO LOBO, núm. 50 Ediciones Pléyades S.A. Madrid, 1973




The Art of Controversy is a virtual exhibition that aims to show the devastating effect of censorship on freedom of speech. One of the fields that have been more affected by this has been satire press. Using some scissors, censorship has cut contents, generating a discontinuous line and breaking every type of speech and alternative vision. A clear example are the experiences of Spanish alternative press from the Transition until now.

The exhibition intends to bring to the table the elements that explain censorship, using as cornerstone the disputes suffered by some magazines and their consequances, often crossing the frontiers of the leader and pointing directly to people. We will see how censorship is made up of different resources like the seizure of copies, suspension of magazines and financial penalites. But this is only the tip of the iceberg... under it we can find threats, terrorist attacks, self-censorship, social network blocking and oblivion.

This exhibition is the output of our work as students of the master in Management and Artistic Patrimony of the UAB inside the module of Critic and Dissemination of Art. This is an exhibition which was conceived during the Covid-19 pandemic and limited because of that. We would have sure loved to work with more cases and magazines. However, we invite you to enjoy our little contribution to historic memory and, if you want to accept the challenge, to calculate the upgraded cost of all the financial penalties.