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Arsenic and Old Lace, by Joseph Kesselring

Imatge Arsènic i puntes de coixí

Thursday 21st June, at 19.00h
UAB Theatre

This year Universitat a l'Abast Universitat a l'Abast presents "Arsenic and Old Lace", a classic in the black comedy represented many times since the debut in 1941 in New York, by theatre companies from all over the world.

The Brewster sister, two adorable grandmothers always eager to help everybody, live in an old family house, near the cementery of Brooklyn. All starts when their nephew Mortimer, well-known reviewer of theatre, finds out, accidentally, that some of his aunt's charity works are... quite special. The arrival of another nephew, Jonathan, the black sheep in the family, will trigger the action.




Abby Brewster: Victòria Bertran, Rosa Carner and Glòria Mira
Reverent Harper: Olga García
Teddy Brewster: Montserrat Sauret
Agent Klein: Glòria Mira and Victòria Bertran
Agent O'Hara: Matilde Fernández
Martha Brewster: Maria Ruíz, Marta Casas and Blanca Soler
Elaine Harper: Montse Espinet
Mortimer Brewster: Josep Álvarez and Ricard Puig
Mr Gibbs: Jordi Coder
Jonathan Brewster: Vicenç Gurrea
Doctor Einstein: Estelle Espín
Tinent Rooney: Jordi Coder
Miss White: Olga García

Director: Marta Sorribas
Translation: Guillem Jordi Graells
Lights: Iban Esteve
Scenography and clothing: The company