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La follia dels ocells, by La Trifulga dels Fútils theatrical company

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The madness of the birds
Company La Trifulga dels Fútils
Organized by: Community Involvement

A young psychiatrist arrives at an abandoned psychiatric hospital in the middle of the Balkans to take charge of a group of dilapidated inmates left behind by God. But one night a mysterious trunk that will change their lives falls from the sky.

This is how The Madness of the Birds begins, the last work of the Stable Theater Company La Trifulga dels Fútils and presented last March 25 in Sant Esteve de Palautordera. As closure of the activities framed within the motto of the Festival of this year, "Mental Health, visible and without stigmas in the UAB".

The Trifulga dels Fútils is the stable Theater Company of the Dr. Pi i Molist Day Center, created in the summer of 2000. The company is made up of people with or without diagnosed mental disorder, professional actors and people who have wanted to participate in the project . During their 18 years of history they have released 12 shows, from Otello by William Shakespeare in George Orwell's Animal Farm, to Eduardo De Filippo or Carlo Goldoni.

Since its inception the company has pursued that currently shapes its soul. In the first place, it has become a real home for the people that are a part of it. A space of relationship, of no exposure, of shared intimacy, team work, learning, creativity, of a future project, of common life and hope. In short, a project of emotional and mental well-being for all positions, whether or not we have a mental disorder. Undoubtedly, after many years of experience, the recovery, rehabilitation and normalization of a Scenic Company for the people that are a part of it.

The second has to do with the effectiveness against the stigma of a project like ours. The most common is that the media or television and film fiction show the person with mental disorder as someone dangerous, violent and negative. Nothing is further from reality. Scenic companies like ours are an effective tool against this vision. From the show, creativity, culture and art, we want to change the way society sees us.

And finally, like any scenic company, we are creators of popular culture. The theater as a tool of communication, relationship and transformation between the actor and the public. With the idea of ​​enriching and transforming the set of traditions and ways of seeing and seeing ourselves in the world.

Wednesday, May 23rd, at 12:30
Theater Hall of the UAB