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What is school insurance?

This insurance covers students under the age of 28, from the 3rd year of compulsory secondary education though to the third cycle at university, for school-related injury, illness or family misfortune, providing them with medical and pharmaceutical services and economic compensation as needed.

Students over 28 years of age and students without legal residence in Spain, who are enrolled in vocational education, baccalaureate and other training programmes authorised or organised by the Department of Education, who are not working and do not have any assistance coverage, must have a private or group insurance policy with the same assistance coverage for accidents that they have in the school insurance and present a copy at the centre.

School insurance-Charter School

Supplementary School Insurance
Once the enrolment is formalized the Fundació UAB offers a supplementary School Insurance which students are covered worldwide.

Medical coverage
- Death (23.000€)
- Permanent partial disability (41.000€)
- Medical expenses at recommended centers (unlimited)
- Medical expenses at free choice centers (max 5.000€)
- Basic travel assistance abroad

What to do in case of accident?

First of all, you must call to Allianz (24 hours/365 days) before going to a medical center, they will give you instructions: 

  • 913 255 568 Medical attentton in these communities: Cataluña, Comunidad Valenciana, Murcia, Galicia, Madrid, Cantabria and Andalucía.
  • 913 343 293 Medical attention in other communities.

Obviously, in cases of maximum urgency, you can receive medical attention and, at the time you can inform the company and the School.

1. For recommended centers, take with you the following documentation:
- Accident paperwork

2. For free choice centers, ask for the following documentation:
- Referral note
- Medical report and bills

Insurance care centers

You can check the insurance care centers clicking the following link: