Volunteering at the UAB

University volunteering means students' active, voluntary participation, within the university context, in providing support for persons who are at risk of social exclusion or find themselves in difficult life circumstances: helping to improve these persons' living conditions and opening up new opportunities for them. University volunteering also means students' active participation in campaigns and other actions to raise awareness about social inequalities, health and the environment, thus showing their commitment to transforming society and upholding global justice.

We believe that volunteering is...

- a type of values education for university students

- a type of citizen engagement to foster social cohesion and inclusion

- a type of activity that shapes a way of being.

The values of volunteering are reflected in students who...

- get actively involved

- work as a team

- show self-reliance and initiative

- reflect critically on society

- show solidarity

- commit to helping the most underprivileged groups.

Our way of working is based on...

- transparency and constant review and improvement of processes
- teamwork

- creating spaces for teaching, learning and exchanging points of view

- equal participation by everyone involved

- flexibility and adaptation to changing circumstances.

The UAB's pledge

This university, through the Fundació Autònoma Solidaria (FAS), helps and encourages its students to undertake a volunteering activity, based on the conviction that, in order to succeed in their future careers, their academic training should be complemented by a holistic, humanistic education grounded in the values of cooperation, solidarity, participative democracy, community, justice and active citizenship. As stated in the UAB Statutes, the university provides more than technical skills for the workplace: it prepares active citizens who act responsibly towards their community. As a member of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE), the UAB shares the goals set out in the document Universidad, compromiso social y voluntariado (CRUE, 2001).