Let's Talk - secondary

Let's Talk - secondary volunteer programme

Let's Talk

  • Promoting oral communicative competence in English during class hours, through small group debates
  • Young people studying 1st and 2nd year compulsory education (ages 13 and 14, respectively)
  • At the INS Federica Montseny secondary school in Badia del Vallès.
  • Mornings during school hours. From Monday to Friday. Flexible hours.
  • Requirement: fluent oral English. 

In a globally connected society, English has become a universal language. Yet it is very often difficult to facilitate learning of the language in primary and secondary school. Organising conversations and debates in small groups is very often difficult to do in schools, due to a shortage of classroom teachers.

The Let’s Talk! programme aims to solve this problem by offering UAB students the chance to provide conversational support in the classroom, during class hours, through conversations and debates in small groups.

Who is it aimed at?

Young people aged 13 and 14 studying 1st and 2nd year compulsory secondary education (ESO).

How can you participate?

By facilitating debates and conversations on a variety of topics, allowing students to express themselves in English.


From Monday to Friday. At least 1 hour a week, choosing different time slots.


At the INS Federica Montseny in Badia del Vallès.




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