Entre Joves (mentoring)

voluntariat Entre joves

  • Individualized social accompaniment with unaccompanied young migrants. 
  • Weekly and biweekly mentoring meetings 1 to 1, at UAB Campus or nearness. 
  • Monthly group activities. 
  • Awareness and mobilisation activities at UAB Campus. 

The project “Entre joves” is based on the need to promote a fair and equal society with all the people who are part of it. The main idea is based on inclusion in order to work with unaccompanied young  people. All of that is possible thanks to the student implication on the different UAB volunteering offers such as mentoring, group activities and awareness activities related with the topic. 

“Entre joves” aims to promote coexistence spaces and links between young unaccompanied migrants and UAB students. And this is the way to work on the progress of a more inclusive, critical and committed society. 


UAB students with interests on social mentoring projects. 


The minimum dedication is one biweekly mentoring meeting, flexible schedule and taking part in different group activities during the course. 


93 581 34 55