Justice - prisons

Volunteering Justice Program

  • Volunteering in three adult prisons: CP Brians I, CP Brians II and CP Quatre Camins.
  • Sporting, Cultural and Artistic, academic and socio-labour, or leisure and personal development activities. 
  • Schedule according to center and activity; one morning or one afternoon a week, between Monday and Sunday.

This volunteering helps to break the isolation and to promote the integration and social reintegration of people deprived of freedom; leaving behind the prejudices and myths surrounding prison life.

As a volunteer you can propose, design and participate in various activities in adult prisons, and acquire social skills, develop critical spirit and share knowledge with internal people.

How can you participate?

If you are a student, PAS or PDI of UAB you can participate by proposing and developing different workshops as well as academic and socio-labour, cultural and artistic, physical and sports, personal development activities, among others.


In two prisons located in St. Esteve de Sesrovires:

  • CP Brians I
  • CP Brians II

And another in Roca del Vallès

  • CP Quatre Camins


93 581 25 60


See the information page (Document in Catalan)