Formació interna

At the FAS we see volunteer training as a duty towards the groups we work with, who have the right to receive the best possible support, and towards the volunteers themselves, who have the right to perform their tasks as well as possible. In the latter case, we seek to go beyond task performance: what we are aiming for is values education.  We want student volunteers to reflect critically on the realities of the different programmes and develop the sensibility, commitment and responsibility needed to further social cohesion and inclusion.

To this end, we have drawn up the FAS Volunteer Training Plan, which serves the following purposes:

  • to respond to FAS volunteers' training needs and offer them tools and resources
  • to ensure that volunteers have the basic knowledge and skills both to carry out their activities and to get close to and understand the group they are dealing with.

Training also gives us an opportunity to do the following:
  • strengthen volunteers' identities, both as individuals and as members of their programme teams and of the FAS as a whole
  • promote continuing professional development based on the volunteer's sense of responsibility and commitment to their task
  • pay attention to the needs and circumstances of each volunteer and of the whole group, so as to offer training that genuinely matches those needs
  • take note of the transferable competences developed through volunteer action.

We offer basic training, special training and volunteer meet-ups such as Nostrum.