Linguistic and intercultural

Socio-educative, linguistic and intercultural volunteering

Voluntariat Lingüístic Intercultural

  • Give support to families without or with limited Catalan or Spanish linguistic competence. 
  • Take part in a multi-level, intercultural, multilingual and intergenerational learning project.

This volunteering is a collaboration between the AFEX-AFFM program of Casa Asia, the UAB's Faculty of Education, the GREIP research group and FAS.

The program aims to offer those families without or with limited linguistic competence of the Catalan language and/or Spanish a reinforcement and individual support. The volunteers involved will be part of the team that dynamicizes learning spaces in the educational centers.

What can it bring to you?

You will participate in a multi-level, intercultural, multilingual and intergenerational project. A racialized dynamizer will help those families whose sons and daughters speak the mother tongue. 

You will learn about topics related with language teaching and linguistic and cultural diversity. 

Moreover, you will be trained as an educational agent and will collaborate in a research process that envisages an impact on future teacher training.

To whom is addressed? 

Young university students, especially linked to the faculty of Education and with interests in working with methods of research and participatory teaching.

Where and when?

One or two times a week for 1.5 hours.

  • INS Consell de Cent – Barcelona
  • INS La Ribera - Montcada i Reixach
  • INS Antoni Pous - Manlleu
  • Escola Mercè Rodoreda – Sta. Coloma Gramenet


93 581 27 57


See the informative page (catalan)