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Suport Students

Voluntariat Estudiants Suport

  • Provide students with functional diversity support in their subjects.
  • Academic and class support (notes, exam preparation, traineeship support...).

 "Support Students" is a volunteer program that has the aim to help students with functional diversity by giving them support during the course. Your task is different depending on the student (ex: taking notes, remembering exams, support in traineeships...).

What will I have to do? 

In order to have the ECTS recognition option, you will have to do a series of training activities. If you do not want to do the training activities for the recognition of credits and you are doing the support activity, you will obtain a volunteer certificate.

How can I participate?

Generally, the PIUNE student will be the one who will ask you to be the support student. Then, you will have to go to the PIUNE office and formalize it by signing the documentation.

In exchange for your help and, depending on the subjects you support, free-choice credits can be recognized (minimum support for 2 subjects).

2 subjects: 2 ECTS

3 and/or 4 subjects: 3 ECTS

5 and/or more: 4 ECTS

You can get a maximum of 6 ECTS as you can take a free course with us and get 2 more credits.


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See the information page  (solo disponible en catalán)